Well, hello there.

Fifteen years ago, I picked up my first camera and immediately fell in love. Nearly my entire life I've been behind the lens, capturing breathtaking landscapes, falling petals, human laughter and animals innocence. Fast-forward to today (and about 25 megapixels later) and I'm still managing to freeze time with the images I capture around me.

Last year, I signed off my corporate career, packed my bags and began jet-setting around the world to fulfill a lifelong dream of travel. Since my travels began, I've shared barbecue goat with members of a traditional African tribe, come face-to-face with a death-defying demon Cheetah, set the world record for the amount of people on a bouncy-ball in one area and chased fresh cows milk with a Transylvanian villager's home-brewed Swika. In addition, I've learned the art of photography - from capturing the beauty of nature in landscapes to capturing the uninhibited love in couples sessions. I've found a passion for photography and ultimately capturing the essence that equalizes us as humans around the entire world - natural emotion.

In my work, I constantly seek ways to give the gift of memories to those around me - through sharing stories and photography. Join me on my journey as I aim to make the world a better place, one snapshot at a time.